Constituent Voice


Constituent Voice (CV) is a lithe and low-cost method developed by Keystone Accountability for systematic dialogue with key constituents in an organisational or governance system (e.g. organization, extension system, governance system) as the basis for performance monitoring. It uses standardized metrics similar to customer satisfaction surveys that, with a representative and large enough sample of participants, can produce statistics and visual data reports. It collects qualitative feedback from different stakeholder groups that are anonymously self-scored by each of the participants in a comparative way, enabling the systematic crosschecking of different viewpoints. Discussions on the evidence are organized around key points of interaction at the various levels of the system.

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Keystone Accountability offers a number of CV services to improve the internal and external performance of organizations, including the way performance is measured, and to build empowering performance monitoring and feedback systems. Their focus is almost entirely on performance monitoring.

We use CV combined with other methods to research causal pathways from project or programme uptake to impact. In a typical PIALA-based mixed-methods evaluation, CV assesses the immediate outcomes and empowering value of the various mechanisms put in place or triggered by a project or programme, while our other methods (the participatory and conventional statistics) focus on the higher-level system changes leading to impact. A PIALA-based design facilitates the linking and crosschecking of the data produced by these different methods in ways that enable people to engage with the analysis and learn about system change.