We are a group of like-minded professionals who work to make global development more sustainable and fair by changing the way impact is designed, assessed and communicated.


We seek to

1. Help our clients to assess and communicate development impacts in a more systemic and engaging way while also remaining inclusive and rigorous.
2. Help to design and adapt strategies and M&E frameworks to make them more impactful and geared towards Sustainable Development.
3. Build capacity to embed our methods and approach into the organisations and communities with whom we work.
4. Enable those influencing critical decisions to carry our methods and approach forward, beyond our reach.


We are committed to creating value for a greater common good, and believe we can do so better by collaborating than competing. We bring novel, non-conventional, but proof-tested methods that are most suitable for complex contexts, and adapt them to our clients’ needs. As a standard practice, we partner with local institutes or firms based in-country and liaise with global subject-matter experts.

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Our core values are

☐ Quality. We prioritise delivery of ‘good’ over ‘fast’ and ‘cheap’, but focus on creating optimal shared value with available resources.
☐ Collaboration. We work with our colleagues and clients, sit on the same side of the table to co-design the processes and tools together, and combine resources and responsibilities to achieve results at scale.
☐ Empowerment. We consistently seek to enable voice and participation and support accountability to those who are affected by our work or the work we evaluate.
☐ Trust. We are reliable, caring and responsive to our colleagues and clients, and consistent in what we say and do both in private and in public.

We work and build experience in various sectors

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