Matter method

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Matter Method enables participants to engage at scale and effectively take ownership of the design and analysis.

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Matter Method stands for the approach called DesignForum that is developed and used by Matter Group, for designing and facilitating complex, often very difficult and large-scale collaborative engagement processes. It is a quite unique and highly effective approach that can help organizations and corporations to address complex business challenges, and accelerate, visualize and communicate the outcomes to the world. It employs models and principles rooted in complexity theory and system thinking that make these processes highly interactive, dynamic, non-linear, adaptive and at the same time results-focused.

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Collaborative Impact uses the Matter Method in its PIALA evaluation processes, and in particular its Systemic ToC and Participatory Sense-Making processes, for which it seeks frequent guidance and support from the Matter Group. Collaborative Impact occasionally also engages in Matter’s projects (e.g. with UNICEF) where its experience with participatory impact work in difficult contexts is valued as an asset.